I know a guy who has been in the upholstery business for 35 or 40 years to come to my house to install the headliner and windlace. Before I gave him a call I bead blasted and painted the bows and tack strips. I just happen to have a pack of paint pens laying on the work bench so just for fun I add the correct color code on the support rod ends. Maybe this will freak the next person out years down the road when the headliner gets changed if the car is still around and restorable.

The grey windlace was ordered off the internet from Albright's Supply along with cloth headliner from SMS Auto Fabrics. My interior guy had to re-sew the pockets in the headliner to get a better/snugger fit around the bows.

A layer of Peel and Seal was used for sound deadener before the insulation was glued to the roof. A couple old fan belts were cut to fit in the channels behind the area where the windlace goes to have a place for the windlace staples to grab ahold to and to add a back bone to the windlace. The factory clips hold the fan belt in place and the fan belt holds the windlace straight. Insulation was added to the C pillow and strips of new car headliner foam was glued around the perimeter of the roof to protect the headliner from any sharp edges that it could snag.

NOS coat hooks, reproduction sunvisors, rear view mirror and dome light finished the objective

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