Exterior Door Handle


I replaced the door handles using the 63-65 reproduction handles. I’m using the hardware from a (5/19/61) ’61 Falcon parts car because my buttons were either broke or bent. My ’60 has a straight pushpin instead of the S-shape pin as shown in the Master Parts Catalog. The ’61 pin is also straight but thicker in diameter same as the ’62 handle shown on Falcon Enterprises website. Instead of drilling another hole beside the hole as suggested I cut a slot for the locating tab to slide into with a Dremel cut-off wheel since it’s only off by a half of a hole. When it came time to install the retainer I notice the retainer attaching screw was too small for the reproduction handle. Luckily I happen to have an old set of Maverick door handles to rob the correct size screws and thin 0-rings. I had to drill the retainer screw hole a bit larger. When it came time to install the handles I notice the screws wouldn't screw but one or two turns. I had to chase the threads with a tap to clean up the threads in the handle.

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