Exterior Door Handle


I replaced the door handles using the 63-65 reproduction handles. I’m using the hardware from a (5/19/61) ’61 Falcon parts car because my buttons were either broke or bent. My ’60 has a straight pushpin instead of the S-shape pin as shown in the Master Parts Catalog. The ’61 pin is also straight but thicker in diameter same as the ’62 handle shown on Falcon Enterprises website. I cut a keyway slot inside the round hole for the locating tab to slide into with a Dremel cut-off wheel since it’s only off by a half of a hole. When it came time to install the retainer I notice the retainer attaching screw was too small for the reproduction handle. Luckily I happen to have an old set of Maverick door handles to rob the correct size screws and 0-rings. I had to drill the retainer screw hole a bit larger.

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