Glovebox Light

The glove box light and switch came from a 1979 Lincoln Continental Mark V. It came with its own mounting tab for the switch. Other than figure away to mount this bracket I thought to would be better to mount the switch in the dash. I first cut the ground wire from the switch because having a metal dash it was not needed. After cutting the factory connector off the harness I added a bullet connectors for easy hook up. When the switch is open it completes the ground to light the lamp. I removed the rubber bumper from the door opening and drilled a 13/32" hole for the switch. The glove box liner already had a knock out hole for a light but it was too small for the Lincoln light. I used a Dremel to increase the size from 1-1/8" to 1-1/4". The sanding drum eats paper fast. I lightly touched the cardboard and made two passes with the Dremel and decided to check it for a fit and to my surprise it fit. After getting the photos from the camera to the computer I notice the water stains showed Big Time. It doesn't look this bad in real life. I used felted material and spray glue to upholster the glove box liner. I used one piece to cove the top, back and bottom of the liner. Cover the sides of the box separately to be sure the grain of the felt is following the pieces being covered to have the professional look. Straighten the staples with pliers and you can easily reuse them by folding the legs with a small hammer.

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