Side Glass


The window regulators were bead blasted, acid etched, painted and greased.

The plan started out to clean/paint the glass lift channels and call it done but the plan changed when I notice the condition of the glass. New side glass purchased from Auto City Classic and was delivered to my door four days later.

After separating the lift channels from the old glass the channels and related hardware got a visit to the blasting cabinet then etched with Metal Ready and painted with Rustoleum enamel that took quite a few hours to dry. 1/16" thick glass setting bedding tape holds the glass in the channels.

I have 2 extra pairs of vent windows in my pile of parts. One set from the 64 wagon and a set from the 61 parts car. After closer inspection looking I notice that the 64 frames are different design at the lower pivot. The 64 frames were rusted more than the 61 frames.

Both vent window frames on the 60 were broke at the lower pivot so I used the frames from the 61. After soaking the lower pivot with PB Blaster the vent window frames were disassembled, bead blasted, acid etched, painted, stainless polished and new seal kit installed. The internal tooth washers only fit one way and it seemed to be stuck at first but once the splines lined up it slid off the pivot shaft with help of a small screwdriver to help walk it off the splines. I found an old C-clamp that was originally used to hang pipe on I-beams to use as a tool for the vent window weatherstripping rivets. The 61 smaller rain gutters were rivet to the frame and the larger rain gutter on the 60 just laid in the track. I also had to drill a new screw hole in the 61 frame for the 60's wind deflector.

I tried my best to mimic how the factory used glass setting tape on the vent windows before deciding to just use urethane. The rain gutter at the bottom of the glass was in my way when it came time to trim the excess material to finish the job. Even after trimming the tape before installing the glass things didn't go as planned.

Looking back, rebuilding the vent windows took more time than expected and sometimes with a little frustration. I had to take one vent window back apart because I screwed up and put the weatherstripping on the division bar on backwards. I played with the top washer for what seemed like hours to get it align with the splines before it fell in place. Also the new rubber around the inside the frame seemed like it was a little on the long side and was not wanting to lay down in the frame's groove.

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