Side Glass

There's a lot more going on inside the doors than the average person would had thought. With that being said lets get started with the window regulators. Back in the early 70's I replaced my window crank handles with the fancy Cal-Custom wood grain handles with the holes that match the Grant steering wheel. These handles used a set screw instead of C-clip on the regulator spline. I did file a flat spot on the splines for the set screw to hang on to but over time the regulator had their splines wiped bad enough to loose grip. I replaced the window regulators back in the 80's with 64 Falcon regulators from the junkyard.

Fast forward about 35 years later I parted out a 64 2-door station wagon and a 61 2-door sedan. Since the 2-door wagon rear glass and regulators is the same as the front door glass I had a total of 4 sets of 2-door door glass and regulators to choose from. I choose the regulators from the wagon because they will require less time cleaning up. The glass itself along with the lift channel are from the 61 parts car because they were not scratched as bad as the other glass. The channels did have a slight surface rust that needed attending. The quarter glass regulars from the 60 were slightly cleaner than the 61 regulators.

After separating the lift channels from both window and quarter glass the 60 channels got a visit to the blasting cabinet then etched with Metal Ready and then painted with Rustoleum enamel that took quite a few hours to dry. 1/16" thick bedding tape was used to bind the 61 glass to the 60 lift channels.

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