Auxiliary Fuse Box

Everybody who owns a Falcon has cussed the design of the factory fuse box. Let's admit it, it’s a joke. Not only it’s a PITA to replace a blown fuse on a good day. Remember these cars are pushing many years old now and Mother Nature is catching up on the wires making them hard to work with and increasing the chance of damaging the fuse box itself. Matter of fact. mine is chipped on the edge where the clip should catch the headlight switch.

I bought 2 of these fuse blocks at Napa and installed them stacked together and bolted them under the dash. One is Hot all the time, while the other is switched with the key. This gives the electrical system a place to grow. Now I have a place to wire up a sound system, trunk release, seats, choke, and other accessories.

A colleague on one of the forum that I visit suggested that I should feed the switched power supply through a relay as a result taking the load off the switch. Thanks again for the tip Jeff !!

Now when the day comes to change a fuse it can be done without me having to stand on my head or disconnecting the battery cable, or getting into the my toolbox to remove the light switch.

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