The headers are Red's Tri-Y's flowing into Summit Racing 2-1/2" Mustang dual exhaust kit. I couldn't use the turbo mufflers that came with the kit to make things fall in position. To resolve this I used center out/off-set in mufflers instead of off-set in/out mufflers.

To have this kit 'really fit great I should had bend the intermediate pipe to kick up then back out, right before the recess under the back seat so the muffles would fit tighter to the floor pan before it goes over the axle. The tail pipes are a little short because of the over hang length of the Mustang is different that a Falcon. Exhaust tip were used to get the exhaust past the bumper

I preferred not to go with a X or H pipe at this time. I like the sound of un-balance system too much. When I need to find more horsepower, I'll know where to look first.

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