The Engine is a '64 5 bolt 289 cubic inch small block bored 0.040 over. Good thing I decided to go ahead and freshen up the engine while it was out when the car was in the shop getting painted. I found a very nasty crack on one of the piston skirt. While I had things apart I wanted to replace the crankshaft because the pilot bushing didn’t really fit the crank. Someone in the past, before I took possession in 1974, took a die grinder to the crank to fit what appears to be a Dodge pilot bushing. I took the crank from the 260 that was in the '64 wagon to the machine shop along with the rest of the aftermarket pistons, damper and flywheel to get balanced. I got the machine shop to address the three broken oil pan bolts since he is better equipped for the task.

Speed-Pro Hypereutectic Pistons, Comp cam .500 lift/270 duration with a 110 LSA, Edelbrock heads finished the long block. MSD Atomic EFI and MSD Ready to Run distributor, takes care of the timing and induction. Patriot Mid-length Ceramic Coated headers and 2 1/2" exhaust.

The Professional Products Harmonic Damper is a tad thicker than factory balancer and was touching the early style timing chain cover. Small cut-off wheel on the Dremel shaved the casting down for clearance.

I got a Atomic EFI from a friend when he upgraded to a port injected system on his Maverick. The Aeromotive Gen II Stealth fuel tank had a little fender bender on the FedEx truck around the filler neck before it was delivered. The tank came with the electric fuel pump, sock and sending unit installed making it plug and play. A Corvette style fuel regulator with filter finished the return line plumbing.

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