My Falcon likes to run warm when driving it hard or sitting in traffic, that is if you think 210*-215* is hot. Being bored 0.040 over and running 3.70:1 gear doesn't help matters either. I decided to replace the Mustang 3 core radiator with a Griffin 2 roll cross flow aluminum 19x26x3 universal radiator.

I also choose to go with an electric water pump while I had things apart. I'm debating on wiring the fans to cycle after shut down. The backing plate that came with the CSR water pump does not fit the early timing chain cover like the catalog claimed. I was forced to fabricate my own backing plate from .250 aluminum plate using the correct gasket as a template. Also the bolts holding the pump to the TC cover are about a half inch too short. I think having the oil filler on the timing chain cover has something to do with that.

I drilled three 3/16" holes in the thermostat to replace the bypass hose and the heater hose is plumbed back to the unused port on the water pump using #10 A/N fittings and braided hose.

I ended up having about 3/16" clearance between the pump and radiator fans. I will keep an eye on the dual 10" Perma-Cool fan shrouds to see if notching will be needed.

I got a looking at my receipt and notice that I paid way too much for the Painless wiring kit so it went back for a refund. While on a junkyard trip I found the relay rack from a Dodge Caravan and now I had enough relays to wire the water pump, fans and headlights and change left over to buy a roll of 12 gauge wire and a handful of connectors. I drew up my own schematic to follow to see on paper before making any electrical connections.

After I got everything hooked up and running I took it for a ride and notice when the 160* thermostat opened the temp gauge would fall to 120* and climb back to 160* then fall back to 120* again. It finally bounced from 150* to 160*. After swapping the thermostat to a 195* 'stat is stays at 192* all day long.

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