I thought it wouldn't be right not to go ahead and replace my clutch since I had my transmission out. The old clutch has been in service since 1987. Its still holds good and does not slip. I hope this new clutch will hold up for 20 years.

I first looked at a Zoom clutch kit and when I took it out of the box I saw "Made in China" ink stamped" all over it. My first thought was their too cheap to put a real stamp in the metal. I looked at the Ram and Centerforce kits, both made in the USA, and came home with the Ram. I replaced the old pilot bushing with a new one after turning it down .012 to fit my crankshaft. The original SBF bushing is to small to fit my crank because of earlier repairs before my time. I would have liked to used the roller bearing style.

The old flywheel was showing its age so I decided to go with a new Ford Motorsport steel billit flywheel and new ARP bolts. Before I installed the flywheel something told me better count the teeth to be sure I got the right one. Yep, new one has 157 just like it said it did on the box. I counted the old flywheel and came up with 160 teeth, I counted 2 more time be be sure because I've always heard Ford used either the 157 teeth or a 164 teeth flywheel. I Goggled this number and found out that Ford used this flywheel in the early small block years and it will be alright to replace with a 157, only that the starter will sound a bit different.

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