Instrument Panel


The instrument panel was disassembled and bead blasted, etched and painted with Argent Metallic Aluminum rattle can spray paint. Satin black paint was sprayed in the corners to try to duplicate how it was from the factory. I also painted the hands on the gauges with orange survey paint.

I noticed that over the years that the heat from the light bulb cooked the Hi-Beam Indicator plastic lens and it needed to be replaced. I bought reproduction plastic lens for a ’63 Galaxie hoping I could use them but the red lens was about 1/16” too small in diameter. The green lens was big but plenty of room to use as is. I got on the internet and looking at Google Images I found some lenses for a 55-56 Chevy. I call the vendor, Year One, to ask the diameter of the plastic discs and got the answer was what I was hoping to hear. After receiving the Chevrolet part I notice the lenses are more transparent than the Ford lenses. The Ford lenses appeared black unless they were held up to the light. The Chevrolet lenses were more like the colored plastic tabs on a notebook folder. I might double up the Chevy lens to see what happens.

I replaced the old school incandescent indicator bulbs with their LED equivalent.

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