Quarter Panel Replacement

Back in the early 70's I cut the wheel wells to fit a 9” K-Code rearend and E70 wide tires. I never did finished sealing the outer wheelhouse to the wheel opening correctly and dirt and water has taken a toll this last 45 years. Back in 2007 I bought a rust free quarter panel/tail panel from Melvin's Classic Ford. Only work on my part was to drill out spot welds and fill in the holes from where the chrome trim was attached. I sand blasted the backside and gave it 3 coats of Por15. About a year and a half later I noticed that the local Pull-a-Part had a '62 on their yard. The main thing I needed to get was a section of the driver’s side quarter around the wheel well opening, outer wheelhouse and rocker panel end. I cut as much of this quarter panel off where I could get the sawzall after I helped a friend remove the leaf springs that he was wanted. The outer wheelhouse on the junkyard panel will need some rust repair but I least I have something to go by and now know what it suppose to like like when finished. After sandblasting and a few coats of Por15 the patch panel was put to the side along with the full quarter panel to wait on "someday" to get here. That "someday" got pushed back a few years when I got sidetracked after buying a 74 Maverick. The passenger’s rocker panel end will have to be fabricated or located local. I will be replacing the whole passenger’s quarter at the factory seams to help keep things square. I like to weld the wheelhouse in place during replacing but on the other hand I like to get tire clearance inside the top of these tiny wheelhouses. I'm crossing my fingers and hoping that after the quarter skin is in place I can add a 1 or 2" strip of sheet metal between the wheelhouse halves before things get back welded together. I will be going with the first year ’71 Maverick 5-lug 8” which is the narrowest at 55.75", all 72-77 Maverick's are 56" wide...Granada's are 56.5". The width of the 63 V8 Falcon is 55.5" so 1/8" on each side shouldn't be noticed much.

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