Body Repair/Paint


I cut the quarter panels back in the early 70's to fit fat tires and Mustang 9" rear end. The floor pan was replaced back in the mid 90's. The right side quarter panel is from a 62 Falcon and the left side from a 61 parts car I recently drugged out of the junkyard. The doors on the 61 were slightly better shape than the 60 doors and will require less work. Both donor doors from the 61 parts car needed some TLC on the bottom from rust damage and the trim holes welded up. The weatherstripping retainer on the bottom of doors were purchased from Melvin's. The hood was also replaced with a 61 hood that I obtained a few years earlier. Passenger’s side rocker panel has a patch.

While parting out the ’61, I saved a section of the dash to repair the radio opening that was butchered for an aftermarket unit. A couple patch panels from the '61 parts car trunk floor replaced rusty metal where the battery use to sit.

Every nut, bolt, glass, wiring and trim was removed to leave an empty rolling shell. The body was sanded down with 180 and media blast and then epoxy primed. 3 coats of primer with block sanding between each coat got things ready slick. Fresh seam sealer is now sealing the seams and 4 coats of single stage Urethane Sky Mist Blue paint gives it the period correct sheen. Radiator support was painted satin black a week later.

I found a NOS grille at the 2019 Falcon Regional in Tennessee and one NOS head lamp door and tail panel scrip on eBay.

New fender scripts, trunk emblem, hood lettering, weatherstripping and just about every thing Falcon related were purchased from Melvin's

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