My Dad bought this Falcon new on January 8, 1960. Actually this was the first 'New' car he bought. According the warranty number it was built on December 22, 1959. I was 4 1/2 years old at the time. I guess I feel likes this car is my little brother in a way, we did grow up together, it has always been in my driveway as far as I can remember. My Dad gave me the keys on my 16th birthday, this is the car that I drove back in my high school days.

Then once a pond a time, in the year '74. This guy I worked with said they was a Falcon in there backyard that was junk and if I could start it up he would give it to me. I went to look at it to see if I wanted it or not. It was a '63 fordor with a V8! Just what I was wanting. (...the motor, not the four door) After about 30 minutes trying to get it to run I decide it had to be the coil. I took my coil off my car and put it on the other car, sure enough the '63 fired right up. I pumped up the tires pour more and more ATF in the 2-speed automatic and drove it back to my house a half mile away. Soon as I got home with it I started taking it apart.

I though I had a 260 but when I went to rebuild the engine and after getting the heads off I knew by the bore it was a 289.

I bought everything I needed to swap the 2-speed automatic to a T-10 4-speed from a guy my sister's boyfriend knew. The 3:00 gear wasn't enough so I swapped it out for a 9" rear-end with a 4:57 gear.

It was now time for Torker intake and Holly 4 barrel. A while later I was able to afford to buy some Hooker headers. And latter on a new Mallory dual point distributor.

In 1976 I bought a new Cougar and parked the Falcon in the backyard. It was just getting around 7-9 mpg, along with something breaking every time. I got married in '82 and didn't do nothing with the Falcon until '89. This is when I started to restore some of the major things that was in need to get back on the road. I rebuilt the engine and added a bigger cam, roller rockers, forged pistons, studded mains and went with a more street friendly, at the time, 3:70 gear. I also replaced the weather stripping around the doors and windshields along with new window channels. I had my wife sew up a headliner while I replaced the carpet.

I made some door panels from 1/8" plywood and vinyl. One day while looking in the junkyard I found some bucket seats and console from a '62 Falcon Futura to replace the Chevy Vaga buckets that I got out of the junkyard when I was in high shcool.

Later on, in 1994 I bought a '69 Mach I and shifted my attention to it. Looking for parts one day for the Mustang, I found a '69 G Code Boss 302 body, stripped the 'stang to fix the Boss, sold the Boss, (...I miss it too).

In '96 I pulled out the Falcon again. This time around the poor little Falcon was in need for a floor, the fuel tank was also rusting. I replaced the floor and had the fuel tank dipped and sealed, and swapped to Granada disk brakes along with a V8 suspension.

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